Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Switching from Subversive back to Subclipse

If you switch from Subversive to Subclipse, you will find that projects that were attached to subversive in existing workspaces will not offer you the option to Team=>Share... There are a couple workarounds for this:

Annoying and Tedious Way
  1. Before switching to Subclipse, Team=>Disconnect your subversive projects
  2. Uninstall Subversive
  3. Install Subclipse
  4. Team=>Share away

Annoying but Simple Way
  1. Toss everything and check it back out again with Subclipse

Atomic but Quick Way
  1. Uninstall Subversive
  2. Install Subclipse
  3. Quit eclipse
  4. Go to your workspace folder and run:
    find .metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources/.projects -name 'properties.index' -delete
  5. Restart eclipse


John T Huss said...

Why are you switching? I've been using Subclipse for a long time, but I have problems occasionally and was considering switching to Subversive since it is the "official" one for eclipse.

Chris said...

Unfortunately, this procedure did not work for me. Subversive is gone, and Subclipse and the JavaHL 1.7.1 adapter are installed...but whenever I try and do any Team actions, I get "Error loading SVN client" or "JavaHL 1.7.* must be installed"...


Chris said...

My mistake. I installed Subclipse 1.8, whereas I should have installed Subclipse 1.6 corresponding to the svn 1.6 that I have installed. Although it's odd that Subclipse didn't simply tell me that directly...

@John T Huss, I switched back because, quite simply, Subversive is half-baked.

Subclipse certainly isn't perfect (my experience above is a good example), but over the last 6 years that I've been using usually just works.

A few weeks ago, my Eclipse setup got fubared, and I had to re-install it. Before the reinstall, I was getting a weird error in the logs from Subclipse, so I thought I'd try the newer Subversive. Everything in Subversive seemed to work great at first...until I tried to commit. Apparently, Subversive can't use the standard ~/.subversion/auth login credentials (or it can but configuring it to do so is incredibly unintuitive). I could commit from the command line, but Subversive would give me the error "No credentials provided", even though using the "SVN Repository Exploring" view clearly showed I had the correct credentials setup. I had been using the SVNKit backend, so I tried switching to the JavaHL backend...but that just broke things even further. All the Team functionality took about 10 seconds to load, and would end by throwing an error dialog with the unhelpful message "SVN: '0x00400039: Collecting Resources' operation finished with error: ".

Subclipse could be frustrating on rare occasions, but nothing as bad as that.

I'll probably retry Subversive in a few years, but for now I'm sticking with Subclipse.