Sunday, May 17, 2009

Maclipse 3.4.2 Fixed ... More

You may have noticed that Java=>Editor=>Templates throws an exception with Maclipse ... That's because there is some code that presumes there is a non-null vertical scrollbar. With Maclipse, we autohide scrollbars on Leopard, which causes an NPE in that code. I avoided fixing this because it brought in an entirely new plugin that we had to hack, but it's just one line, so .. meh.. at this point, why stop now.

So to prevent that exception, you will want to grab the Workbench Texteditor UI plugin provided in the links area.

cd /Developer/Applications/eclipse/plugins && curl -O && curl -O && curl -O


Unknown said...


Tried you maclipse plugin today, and it looks very nice. Do you plan to port this to 3.5 and cocoa?

Anonymous said...

The plugins URL above are not (no longer?) correct. It's not

But instead

(notice the support part between the wolips and preview