Saturday, March 29, 2008

git-cvsimport failure

I've been mirroring Project Wonder's CVS with github, and unfortunately git-cvsimport has been a real problem. If I try to run it directly on the repository, I get:

git-cvsimport: fatal: cvsps reported error 11

... which is really helpful. Well it turns out that you can run cvsps outside of git-cvsimport and get this all to work. Here's roughly what you need to do:

export CVSROOT=[your cvsroot]
cvsps -x --norc -u -A [your cvsmodule] > /tmp/cvsps.out
cd /path/to/your/git/repos
git-cvsimport -o git_cvs_head_branch_name -P /tmp/cvsps.out [your cvsmodule]
So in my case, I do:
export CVSROOT=/local/wonder/cvs
cvsps -x --norc -u -A Wonder > /tmp/cvsps.out
cd /local/wonder/git
git-cvsimport -o Wonder_HEAD_Branch -P /tmp/cvsps.out Wonder

The key here is that we run cvsps manually, saving its output, then run git-cvsimport with a -P passing it the name of the cvsps output. This allows us to manually ignore cvsps errors rather than have them kill git-cvsimport.

Note that by default gitcvs-import will use "master" as your head branch, which can cause problems with later merges. It's best to keep all CVS branches in their own git branch and don't touch them except with git-cvsimport.

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Thomas said...

Thanks for this one, I really couldn't get cvsps to work after reading the man page. This post (together with the git-cvsimport source) gave me the clue I needed.